Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tis the season for Love... I WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS

This print has a very special meaning. When I was in college and sleeping on average 2 hours a night, I had sort of a mini melt down one evening. Juggling full time art school, work, double pnemonia, lots of bills, two kids, and hardly any sleep was wearing on me. My dear husband, is one of the most thoughtful and supportive people I know. I came back from an errand and taped on one of our kitchen cabinets was a note, written in red crayon, "I will love you, always".

It was all I needed. I still have that note.
(And yes, I of course cried) :)

Someone recently suggested that this would be a cute print for a baby nursery. What do you think?


Wow.....2  Giveaways running at the same time! I guess I am just wanting to spread the love around from UUPP.

To win a $25 gift card to my store, check out my new blog friend, Christine's site: . (ending Jan 23)

Also a Valentine inspired print will be given away at Chandler's blog: . (ends Feb 4)

Good Luck!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cookie Art Print Giveaway

I recently have been chatting with  Cat,  who runs a fabulous blog,  Measuring Spoons. Full of super great recipes, and lovely photos of Cat's yummy creations.  It stole this foodie's heart.

     I said,
     "Hey, your blog rocks!".
     And then Cat said,
     "Hey,  your art prints rock".

So Cat, is giving away one of my art prints on her blog.  Check it out here... Measuring Spoons
to win a copy of my LIVE LOVE and BAKE COOKIES print.  Thanks Cat!

Good Morning Sunshine

Here is a newly designed happy sunshiny art print.  A lovely thing for any adult, child or even a pet to wake up to. Available also with a white background, as a 10" x 8" or 7" x 5".   Peace and love!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to my blog ......UUPP

Positive Art Prints for you.....

Original 8x10 Print available from the UUPP etsy store
I have started the new year out with my new blog for my new Etsy store, UUPP.
I am so thrilled.   What is UUPP?

UUPP = Unique, Uplifting, Positive, Prints

I started UUPP,  for a very special reason. Over the last few years during some really difficult times I have relied on my faith, uplifting messages and positive people.  Being grateful on a daily basis became so important. I will never forget the lessons I have learned. The challenges I faced then, are still with me and are not going to go away.  The difference between a few years ago and now is I have learned to take care of myself, and find peace in the small things each day. I feel blessed now, not burdened.

I have created original artwork for the UUPP Store, full of inspiring messages of hope, love, laughter, faith, gratitude and peace. All the categories and the new work to come are the great loves in my life. From cooking (I love love Julia Child) to the escape my garden gives me, to watching great movies and reading great books (I admit I am a Jane Austin addict), to providing a good home to my husband and children, to always being a good friend to others and remaining strong in my faith.

I am excited to have a place to create my own work for you to enjoy.

Peace Always,