Friday, August 26, 2011

Facebook Secrets

If you aren't following my Facebook page I wanted to let you know I post secrets on that site.  Like "secret codes" for discounts at my store and sometimes even "secret" 50% off sales at my store that sometimes last just a few hours.   If you want in on my "secrets",  you can follow my page here:
UUPP Facebook Page.  (Hint:  there is a new secret code listed a few days ago, good through Sunday)

Illustration by Carrie Hartman (thats me shopping away!!)

Tatertots and Jello

Thanks to Jen at tatertots and jello for the great blog feature she posted about my store. Her home decor tutorials are fantastic. No wonder she has over 15,000 followers. Need to give some new life to one of your rugs?  Check out her Stenciled Rug Tutorial.  I have to try that one.

tatertots & jello

New Design Coming Soon!

I have been planning a redesign and new header for my blog for a while now. If only there were more hours in the day, right?  Hopefully in the next few weeks I can finish slowly changing the design. As for now, a new header !  YAY.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Charming Spots

Tyra recently bought one of my prints from my store and sent me this image. I love seeing how people use my work in their decor. What a peaceful spot.  The older I get, the less I desire more space or a larger house. What I really seek out now is quaint areas that have a lot of charm and comfort to them.  Thanks for sending this over Tyra. Feel free to send me your snaps of your prints in your home to be featured on my blog.

Tessera Photos

Storms of Life 8x10 Print from UUPP

Storms of Life 5x7 Greeting Card from UUPP

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wonderful Yummy Cakes

     Once again, I need to post about Rosie's blog,  Sweetapolita.   I made another 2 types of cakes from her blog and lets just say.....I am becoming famous in my household and circle of friends because of her yummy beautiful cakes.  I am convinced she is a true Cake Goddess.
     These were the newest two I have tried.  I made the Dark Chocolate Strawberry Buttercream cake three times in the last two weeks for different events.  They didn't last long.  In one of the chocolate cakes I replaced the regular flour last week with gluten-free flour mix for a family reunion so my three sisters and daughter who all eat gluten-free, could enjoy. They were in heaven.  The Lemon-Blueberry cake... absolutely ridiculous how wonderful it is.  There is definitely a reason I designed the art print below, Make Lots Of Cake.  All my prints tell you a little bit about me and all that I love.... (Next up I am going to tackle her Campfire Delight 6-layer Chocolate Malted Toasted Marshmallow Cake ....Treadmill here I come )