Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Love

Many of my friends have recently had babies, so I have been making new prints as gifts. I am releasing some of the designs in my shop.  This quote, being one of my favorites, so beautiful.
I feel fortunate to have been blessed with my children. No matter how we become mothers, whether we give birth or adopt, it is a beautiful thing.

The lettering is a rich chocolate brown and is available with Pink or Blue accents for the word LOVE and the sweet little dots. It is also available to personalize with the baby's name or choose different colors.  The background is a light cream with a slightly distressed texture.   Although I don't sell the frames with the art prints, I get asked frequently where I buy my frames. This pretty 11"x14" frame seemed to be the perfect compliment for this  print. I purchased it at Michaels Craft Store. (Fuzzy bunny, from the vast stash of stuffed toys we have accumulated)

Mother's Love Print

Personalized Birth Print

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