Friday, January 11, 2013

Downton Abbey !

Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew....
Being a freelance illustrator/designer means you work typically by yourself in a studio all day. Most of my other studio artist friends are the same, in that we feel we have pretty much watched everything that Netflix has to offer in in their watch instantly queue. A comic artist friend and I were joking how many times we have each watched the Ken Burn's documentaries.  I would totally rock the house as a contestant on Jeopardy as I have also watched every documentary.  :)

So, some of you by now may know that I am completely obsessed with Downton Abbey. In fact it isn't just Downton Abbey.  My favorite genre  is British time period pieces. I swear I have watched them all at least 5 times or more. They help me work, especially if I have seen them before. They are a great background noise for me while I work.  When I find a new one, especially if it has 8 parts or so to it, I am giddy!  When I found Downton Abbey a few years ago, I was super excited as I hadn't heard of it before. I have since watched Episodes 1 and 2 many many times.

I have been inspired to make some new pieces lately and I have vowed that my shop be full of things I love, and things I love to make.  Here they are...enjoy these Downton Abbey art pieces....
an, I Love You More than Downton Abbey greeting card or art print and a piece to my favorite character, Lady Mary Crowley, What Would Lady Mary Do?  I am sure we will find out in Season 3 .....

Downton Abbey art print at UUPP

Downton Abbey Lady Mary art print at UUPP

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