Thursday, February 2, 2012

Here is to 15....

This week I celebrate a very special occasion.....
15 years ago two young kids in college met. She was 20, he was 19.  They worked alongside each other at a part time job for a few years while they were both in college. They both lit up when they would see the other and considered the other a good friend. At one point, he lived in the apartment building next to hers.  On those cold -20 degree mornings in Minnesota, she would sometimes go knock on his door at 7am to ask if he could jumpstart her car, so she could get to class.  He would smile, grab a stocking cap and would always help the cute girl next door when she needed it. Two years later, they decide they like each other.  Finding someone like this makes her realize she can't let anyone else marry her guy. She asks him out on the first date. 6 months later he proposes.   She is 22, he just turns 21 in time to have champagne on their wedding day. They have kids right away, have the honor of having their  2 young daughters witness both of their parents each graduating from college, he becomes an architect, she becomes an illustrator.  Several moves to different houses/states, several pets later, the additional of the sweetest little boy on the planet....lots of smiles, lot of tears, still together and happy as ever....Thank you, thank you my dear.

I have experienced all with you....

I truly mean this ....
Art Print inspired by a handwritten note from my hubby


  1. Happy happy anniversary Carrie!!! your happy life inspires and creates such happy prints! :)

    1. Hi Ami!
      Nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for the kind words. So sweet of you.... :)